Download of the Altenburger card images
is unfortunately no longer possible.

The license for the file xskat-cards.tar.gz was not extended.

Quick install instructions:

Unpack archive, rename xskat-cards.c to
and put this file into the home directory:

tar zxf xskat-cards.tar.gz
mv xskat-cards.c $HOME/

or replace cards.c before compiling XSkat.

Note for Mac OS X: The Finder doesn't allow the leading dot
when trying to rename the file. You have to move xskat-cards.c
into your home directory first and then enter the above
mv command into the Terminal program.

Download the built-in XSkat cards

kb  hd  e8  s7 

These card images are NOT necessary to play XSkat.
They are meant to be used with other free card games.

60 x 94 pixel: French Suit / German Suit
90 x 140 pixel: French Suit / German Suit

52 cards each, GPL 2.0 (or later) or CC-BY-SA 2.0 (or later).

Skat Icon

by Christian Siebert.

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